Nicky Da B – Gotzzz Tha Bounce!

Bounce music is an energetic, overtly-sexual type of regional hip-hop stemming from 1980’s New Orleans. Rapidly gaining reputation in the mainstream with artist Nicky Da B as seen in his above collaboration with established producer Diplo. Nicky Da B’s style is deliberately smoother than fellow bounce rappers and still remains as tantalisingly explicit.  Below is some ear cranking chants and tunes from a sublime portfolio of hip-hop engineering and sound that’ll blast away the cobwebs of the week and have you wanting to pop it, lock it and drop it. Yeaaaaaaaah !

Definitely one to watch out for having played a sold out gig in Sydney and currently touring the U.S.

Bytches Be Bouncin’ !

Learn to bounce in two minutes with Nicky Da B for guidance ! Boooouuunce like you ass has the hicccccups !

– Grace, Melbourne.


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