The Power Of The xx Live

The xx are trying out and slowly unveiling snippets from eagerly awaited new album Coexist. For the moment no definite titles have been placed on the bands new songs. The songs will be randomly showcased at differing venues over the coming months, including a sold out gig in renowned venue The Forum in Melbourne on July 18th, for one night only.

As worded by the band themselves, “After a long time on the road, we took a break, created our own studio and wrote these new songs that we’re so looking forward to playing to you.” The minimal and relaxed pace of ‘As I Am’ video recorded at London’s Battersea Arts Centre below stays true to The xx’s usual form and focus.

The album Coexist is set to release in the U.S on September 11th and everywhere else September 10th.

Have a sneak listen below. Footage is a bit blurry, creeping and dark which isn’t swaying too far from The xx’s purported style. Enjoy and be mesmerised !

– Grace, Melbourne.


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