British India – I Can Make You Love Me Tour 2012

The legendary Corner Hotel in Richmond Melbourne gave a raucous and highly anticipated welcome to home-grown indie talent, British India on Friday night. The talented and quirky quartet are blazing through Australia on a sell-out tour promoting their latest and darkest single, ‘I Can Make You Love Me’. Since the band emerged in 2007 with acclaimed debut album, ‘Guillotine’  from Melbourne’s independent music scene they have developed a cult like following nationally. Lead singer and lyricist, Declan Melia wowed the hyped crowd with his awe-inspiring voice, belting out foot stomping tunes, ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘Tie up my hands’, ‘I said i’m sorry’, ‘Run the red light’ and Triple J’s most downloaded single of 2010 from third album ‘Avalanche’, the enchanting ‘Vanilla’ to which the crowd went berserk.

A steady stream of dedicated fans were witnessed purchasing band tees throughout the gig

Triple J’s momentous support of British India throughout their career helped propel them to the forefront of Australia’s indie scene. The boys gratefully thanked the station for contributing to their increasing popularity. Drummer Matt O’Gorman was on fire throughout the show lifting the stage energy and pumping fans into a crowd surfing frenzy up front. Melia noted he’d be singing only one love song for the gig with the rousing, ‘Gods Dead (Meet the kids)’. The band finished with touching and infectious new song, ‘I can make you love me’ showcasing what promises to be their fourth and best album yet. Charming Melia announced during the gig it’s due for release the beginning of next year. 2013 looks set to be the year to cement British India’s rising success as big players in the music industry both here and abroad.

Check out new single video, ‘I Can Make You Love Me’ below. You’ll be amused by it’s beastly take on all-consuming love!


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