Happy Mondays Auzzie Tour 2013

20130212-184033.jpg Madchester crew the Happy Mondays are set for their first tour of Australia In over ten years. Legendary Frontman, Shaun Ryder commented on the originals plans for a musical reunion, “We are all older, no problems with each other. A lot of us hadn’t seen each other or been in the same room for 19 years. We’re now just a bunch of crazy old men, really. Nobody has really changed apart from the fact we are all older and just a little bit quieter. There are still the same characters, just a bit more grown up. Grown men with behaviour problems.”

They play the Palace Theatre in Melbourne on May 5th.


The Strokes Unveil FREE Download of New Single

imageThey’re baaaaack. Lead singer, Julian Casablancas of New York band The Strokes latest foray into a high falsetto range can seems a little strange at first to a seasoned Strokes fans ears. Never fear, the infamous guitar riffs and familiar deep register of voice by Julian are still intact in the first release since 2011’s album, ‘Angles’. The band apologised via Twitter,’for the long wait’. Unveiled last night, The Strokes new single, ‘One Way Trigger’ is free to download off Soundcloud below. The bands fifth studio album is due for release later this year.

British India – I Can Make You Love Me Tour 2012

The legendary Corner Hotel in Richmond Melbourne gave a raucous and highly anticipated welcome to home-grown indie talent, British India on Friday night. The talented and quirky quartet are blazing through Australia on a sell-out tour promoting their latest and darkest single, ‘I Can Make You Love Me’. Since the band emerged in 2007 with acclaimed debut album, ‘Guillotine’  from Melbourne’s independent music scene they have developed a cult like following nationally. Lead singer and lyricist, Declan Melia wowed the hyped crowd with his awe-inspiring voice, belting out foot stomping tunes, ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘Tie up my hands’, ‘I said i’m sorry’, ‘Run the red light’ and Triple J’s most downloaded single of 2010 from third album ‘Avalanche’, the enchanting ‘Vanilla’ to which the crowd went berserk.

A steady stream of dedicated fans were witnessed purchasing band tees throughout the gig

Triple J’s momentous support of British India throughout their career helped propel them to the forefront of Australia’s indie scene. The boys gratefully thanked the station for contributing to their increasing popularity. Drummer Matt O’Gorman was on fire throughout the show lifting the stage energy and pumping fans into a crowd surfing frenzy up front. Melia noted he’d be singing only one love song for the gig with the rousing, ‘Gods Dead (Meet the kids)’. The band finished with touching and infectious new song, ‘I can make you love me’ showcasing what promises to be their fourth and best album yet. Charming Melia announced during the gig it’s due for release the beginning of next year. 2013 looks set to be the year to cement British India’s rising success as big players in the music industry both here and abroad.

Check out new single video, ‘I Can Make You Love Me’ below. You’ll be amused by it’s beastly take on all-consuming love!

Stream The xx New Album Today

The xx have released highly anticipated new album Co-exist today and yes it is sublime. I’m pottering around the kitchen cooking a roast in a trance listening to the album all day. Album was produced by the bands ceaselessly talented Jamie Smith and recorded between November 2011 and May 2012.

Click below and stream the album here in full



– Grace, Melbourne

Django Django

I was introduced last night to the amazing British indie-rock band Django Django after visiting a close friend from back home for dinner.  Relaxing after our feed, the red wine helped lift us into a heady mix of tunes from the euphoric album. The band formed back in 2009 and all four members are pals from school in Edinburgh. The quartet released their self-titled debut album in January of this year and it went straight to number 33 in the charts, showcasing their magnetic appeal and edgy sound.

Below is their catchy first single, ‘Default’ and Soundcloud page.

– Grace, Melbourne

The xx New Song ‘Angels’

Yes ! They’re officially back with new song ‘Angels’, after much testing and teasing of audiences around the globe on their latest tour.  The xx play tomorrow night in Melbourne and the crowd are sure to be promised some new songs off the album making it a special show indeed. I originally posted this song on the site back in June live from Battersea Arts Centre and the name had yet to be released. Now fans can truly revel in ‘Angels’ alchemy of sound .

“It’s been a long time since we’ve played you anything new. This song is called Angels, it is the first single from our new album, Coexist. We’ve been playing this song live recently, so it feels good to share with you the version we’ve been working on for so long. We hope you like it. xx The xx”

Lend an ear and click below for their new single, ‘Angels’.

Bloc Party – Glasgow Comeback Gig Showcase

Lead singer Kele posted recently on his blog announcing the band are back together and about to release their fourth album,

“We have just finished mixing our new record. I am very proud of it. It is the best thing that we have ever done and finishing this record has taken us on quite a journey,” he wrote. “There have been babies, breakdowns, tantrums and hospitalisations but it’s finally here. We started making this record in NY in the winter of 2011. We didn’t want to let the world know so we told a lie that got out of hand but it made us laugh in the process, which brought us closer together.”

Kele speaks of the bands time apart and silence as deliberate despite rumours being rife of a contentious split. He lists the reasons for the break is in the personal shaping of band members individual lives,

“We could have come clean from the get go but to be honest we had no idea if anything was going to come out of these sessions. There was a big question mark over whether bloc party were ever going to make another record again. We were exhausted and bored and distant from one another. So in 2010 we all did our own thing, Gordon had a baby, Russell joined Ash, Matt built a studio in his basement with his bare hands and I moved to New York to finish a book that I had been writing for the last three years.”

Kele has every faith in the upcoming album which hopefully won’t leave us fans disappointed,

“In the past there has been so much written about what our records have meant, so much context and back story but I am adamant that this time these songs will stand on their own. This record is the sound of four people in a room, loving what they do and doing it to the best of their ability. It is the sound that only the four of us could make and I am prouder of it than any record we have ever made.”

On June 19th in Glasgow, Bloc Party played an electric comeback show featuring seven new songs including ‘3×3’ and ‘So he begins to lie’. Check out ‘3×3’ below, witness the band back on form, dispelling any long-standing rumours of friction. Look below again and discover the trailer for the forthcoming album, Four.

– Grace, Melbourne.