Grizzly Bear – New album set for release

Grizzly Bear’s new song, ‘Sleeping Ute’ was posted on the bands website in early June as a sneak preview to their highly anticipated fourth album set to be released in September. The band are basking in phenomenal success having toured with iconic British rock band, Radiohead, played major festivals including Lollapalooza and even becoming bum chums with music legend, Paul Simon accompanying him onstage for five performances. Grizzly Bear count notorious rapper Jay Z as a firm follower amongst their far-reaching fanbase, he hopes bands like Grizzly Bear, “will push Hip-Hop to go further”. The Brooklyn based indie rock band are classed as experimental, psychedelic indie rock and ‘Sleeping Ute’ is a brilliant reminder of their permeating, awe-inspiring lyric and sound.

Grizzly Bear are confirmed to play Australia for the first time ever this year on Novemeber 11th at the two day Harvest festival in Melbourne.

– Grace, Melbourne.


Simian Mobile Disco – New Album – Unpatterns

Simian Mobile Disco’s third production ‘Unpatterns’ does just that and doesn’t follow the pattern of previous productions. Unpatterns is solely a classic minimal techno album. SMD’s preceding two albums featured vocals from big names in the music business. The electronic duo, James ford and Jas Shaw formed back in 2005 in London. The twosome are also famous for remixes with Muse, Klaxsons and The Go! Team. On a lesser known level, Ford produces on the side for indie artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Florence and the Machine. SMD have charted immeasurable success with Justice indie/dance remix, ‘We are your friends’. The duo are often criticised by the hardcore house/techno scene for relying too much on famous names in the mainstream. ‘Unpatterns’ has redeemed SMD with said critics and placed them back as serious players in the electronic field. Despite criticism, I have always been a fan of SMD and loved their underground hit ‘Hustler’ from their first album. Seeing SMD live at 2011’s Parklife in Melbourne was a dream come true – Honreaaaal. New Album, ‘Unpatterns’ won’t be for everyone with it’s move away from previous electro-pop form to a more minimal techno sound but it is a magnetic and polished audio production worthy of hearing. Check it out on Soundcloud!

On release since May 4th !

– Grace, Melbourne.