The Strokes Unveil FREE Download of New Single

imageThey’re baaaaack. Lead singer, Julian Casablancas of New York band The Strokes latest foray into a high falsetto range can seems a little strange at first to a seasoned Strokes fans ears. Never fear, the infamous guitar riffs and familiar deep register of voice by Julian are still intact in the first release since 2011’s album, ‘Angles’. The band apologised via Twitter,’for the long wait’. Unveiled last night, The Strokes new single, ‘One Way Trigger’ is free to download off Soundcloud below. The bands fifth studio album is due for release later this year.


Santigold – ‘Master of My Make Believe’

Santi White or Santigold as she’s recently titled in the music industry is back with her long-awaited sophomore LP, Master of My Make-Believe. Possibly one of the coolest individuals known to dabble in music, Santigold just oozes an enchanting creativity and charm.

Four years since her eponymous first album featuring ground-breaking hits like Creator and L.E.S Artistes, fans are finally able to slip back into her dub-tronic oasis and the genre-defying glory of her sound. Industry friends such as Major Laser’s Switch and Diplo are on hand once more to represent her sound and co-produce some growling underground beats. Collaborations with Karen-O on the track GO! creates a racy, new wave, African tribal sound. Also enlisting the writing skills of A Tribe called Quest’s Q-Tip, adding further layers of reinforcement and diversity to her new album.

Interestingly, Santigold only began songwriting at twenty five years of age, which is good news for all of us late creative bloomers. Never too late to turn your hand to something. She worked as an A&R rep at Epic records for years and did some song-writing for pop queens like Lily Allen and Ashlee Simpson. Even did a stint as a front woman to Philadelphia punk band Stiffed before imparting upon her own solo path. She once revealed that the notion of her holding the ability to song-write and sing came to her in a dream one night. A calling we’re all grateful to her for following.

Santigold describes her musical purpose as to, “help break down boundaries and genre classifications”. She steers her musical ship towards new-wave punk, reggae, dance and dupstep, displaying a mesh of genres. In reflection, Santigold highlights her musical influences to stem as a child from her introduction to Afro-beat pioneer Fela Kuti and the late Aretha Franklin by her father.

Her first album will always remain in my personal favourites and the second one is gaining similar status for me. The originality and depth in sound left critics unable to pin her into any current genre. Music had been thirsting for someone to throw the female music world on it’s head. Lines of producers in the four years since her first production have weighed in to duplicate her innovative sound and style rendering her music to appear less fresh to newly exposed audiences. According to some critics her second album seems a little uninspired, overly-produced and too polished, a sell-out in comparison to her first release.

I disagree and hold Master of My Make Believe as an album to have something new I love about it each time I play it. Santigold is truly mastering her own lyrical fantasies with a slew of tracks representing an empowered woman, defying the stale and repressive conventions of the music world, “Leading with the heart. You know your battle from the start”. No one does a catchy, defiant hook or bad ass rap quite like Santigold.

I can’t stop listening to the reggae infused, ‘Pirate in the water’, the sardonic diss in ‘Look at these hoes’, the perpetual and empowering electro echoes in ‘God from the machine’ and the bombastic, ‘Freak like me’. Make up your own mind on whether you believe Santigold is the true master or not in this production.

Below a recent interview showcasing the down to earth and quirky thinkings of Santigold. Underneath again the BBC Radio One live version of her next single, ‘Keepers’.

– Grace, Melbourne.

“Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun”

It’s the morning here in Vancouver as I write this but thus far the sun has yet to grace me. Not to worry because I have this oldie, bad boy mix tape from Van based Vinnie The Squid, otherwise known as Techstyles, keeping my serotonin levels pumped up. This guy has been in the game for over 15 years and has developed this beautiful ability to blend hip-hop, brakes, 80’s, and classics just to mention a few, so effortlessly his raw talent becomes obvious. He is definitely on my gig wishlist.

– Adele, Vancouver.

Simian Mobile Disco – New Album – Unpatterns

Simian Mobile Disco’s third production ‘Unpatterns’ does just that and doesn’t follow the pattern of previous productions. Unpatterns is solely a classic minimal techno album. SMD’s preceding two albums featured vocals from big names in the music business. The electronic duo, James ford and Jas Shaw formed back in 2005 in London. The twosome are also famous for remixes with Muse, Klaxsons and The Go! Team. On a lesser known level, Ford produces on the side for indie artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Florence and the Machine. SMD have charted immeasurable success with Justice indie/dance remix, ‘We are your friends’. The duo are often criticised by the hardcore house/techno scene for relying too much on famous names in the mainstream. ‘Unpatterns’ has redeemed SMD with said critics and placed them back as serious players in the electronic field. Despite criticism, I have always been a fan of SMD and loved their underground hit ‘Hustler’ from their first album. Seeing SMD live at 2011’s Parklife in Melbourne was a dream come true – Honreaaaal. New Album, ‘Unpatterns’ won’t be for everyone with it’s move away from previous electro-pop form to a more minimal techno sound but it is a magnetic and polished audio production worthy of hearing. Check it out on Soundcloud!

On release since May 4th !

– Grace, Melbourne.