The Solo Swan is an online podium focusing on inspirations, trends, music, world happenings and everyday pondering on the ordinary and extra ordinary. I am constantly on the search offline and online for unique and fresh ideas, features and opinions. Living so far from home turf (Ireland), away on a new adventure around the vibrant city of Melbourne has only served to further feed my insatiable curiosity. Now, I can share with you online a platform for my thoughts and discoveries.

You’re probably left wondering why the swan?

Well before I left for Oz, I inhabited the almost mythically beautiful and historical city of Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Here every day on my walk to work along the busy Spanish Arch and powerful Corrib river were these amazing creatures, a mighty clan of swans. I later discovered that Galway is home to the biggest flock of migrating swans in Europe, explaining why I couldn’t set foot outside my door without one in my eye line. The endearing fact swans mate for life is something ive always known and whenever I spotted a lone swan I became overtaken with a feeling of melancholy. My friends did find my odd fascination and empathy towards the swans highly amusing but It did nothing to deter my enchantment. So when I set upon my own lone journey abroad, separating myself from my celtic clan, I found it fitting to pay a little nod to my Irish roots, spiritual abode Galway and the abiding image of the majestic swans.



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