The Stone Roses – The Second Second Coming

It’s been sixteen years since the dissolution of The Stone Roses and the cracks are already beginning to contentiously surface in the bands much hyped and anticipated European comeback tour. At their recent Dutch gig, the encore resulted in a disappearing drummer and Ian Brown labelling him a c**t, “the drummer’s gone home… I’m not joking, the drummer’s gone home. Get all your aggro out on me, I can take it.. What can I say, the drummer’s a c**t.”

Leaves you thinking back to why they must have broke up in the first place – still it wouldn’t be the same without a bit of controversy thrown into the cocktail. Wonder what the imminent Manchester gigs will bring to the tumultuous table of their second coming.

In the meantime watch the hilarious mockumentary below and see if you can spot the comedic cameos !

– Grace, Melbourne.


Space to Grow

It has been a long running dream of mine to live in a warehouse/large loft space alongside lots of other like minded, ambitious, imaginative beings. The desire to nurture, share and showcase talent is amplified and boundaries that were there before seem to disappear. The combination of huge space, plus the variety and quality of creative juices available generates super fertile land for ideas to manifest into reality, bloom, mutate and grow. This documentary compiled with resident testimonies from a warehouse in Australia called Lanfranchis Memorial Discotheque reinforces my ideal and furthers my longing to become part of a community such as this.

Adele, Vancouver